Champion Contractors & Services provides *Insurance Loss and Storm Damage Restoration Services for commercial and multifamily property owners nationwide. Our company is ready to handle any commercial or multifamily property loss on a moments notice. Our *Insurance Loss and Storm Damage Restoration Services involve a professional staff of storm damage estimators, experienced construction professionals, licensed real-estate professionals and specialized attorneys who work together to solve the challenges associated with the insurance claims process for any natural disaster or insurance loss resulting from hail, hurricane, windstorm, fire or flood.

We are not public adjusters, however, our experienced staff is fully trained to consult with our clients and assist them throughout the entire claims process so that no damage is overlooked and the property is reconstructed as quickly and completely as possible. We understand that there are different ways to view an Insurance Loss and interpret the damages, but here at Champion, we view the loss from the client’s perspective, ensuring that your property can be restored to pre-loss condition or, in many cases better.


*Champion Contractors & Services Insurance Loss and Storm Damage Restoration Services minimize downtime and economic losses through a rapid response model utilizing multi-disciplined experts to investigate, evaluate, identify and assess the nature and extent of damages caused by catastrophic events. Champion Contractors & Services will prepare comprehensive scopes of work and professional estimates so that we may accurately present all of the physical Property damages to the Owner and the Owner’s insurance carrier to assure that the property will be repaired, replaced or restored to its pre-loss condition. CHAMPION CONTRACTORS & SERVICES IS NOT LICENSED AS, IS NOT AFFILIATED WITH AND DOES NOT PERFORM OR EMPLOY THE SERVICES OF ANY PUBLIC ADJUSTER.